We are proud of establishing long term business relationship with following clients

  • National Iranian South Oilfield Company (NISOC)
  • Manufacturing Support and Procurement Kala Naft Tehran (KNTC)
  • Iran Drilling Services Company (IDSC)
  • Iranian Central Oil Fields Company (ICOFC)
  • Marun Oil & Gas Producing Company (MOGPC)
  • Gachsaran Oil & Gas Producing Company (GSOGPC)
  • National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC)
  • North Drilling Company (NDCO)
  • Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)
  • Oil Exploration Operations Company (OEOC)
  • Overseas Technical Services Kish (OTS)
  • Asr Kish Drilling Company (ASRKISH)
  • Persia Oil & Gas Drilling Company(POGD)
  • Persia Kala Company (PKMS)
  • Mapna Drilling (NOOR KISH)